Our next launch is in Amesbury on 05 October. It was nice having a shuttle vehicle and driver. Let's have someone who not visiting from Arizona volunteer for the next launch.

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 Several CMASS members attended the Acton Winter Carnival on February 6 to man a table and provide a demonsration night launch, Like the January Acton launch it was cold but this time there was no sun so it felt much colder. While we were setting the launch pads it was mentioned that Jason had a sparky G that would look nice at night. Looking down at the completely brown grass we decided that  the fire hazard was too great. However, we also noticed that there was a frozen pond not too far away. It took 100 feet of wire to get it far enough from shore. We flew 8 rockets in 15 minutes and all were recovered successfully. There are some pictures in the gallery and a video on YouTube .