fliskits cake 20170918 1082571697Yes, that is correct - 15 years of FlisKits! Congratulations to Jim, his family, the FlisKits Corp and all of the little FlisKits umpa lumpas! The weather started out not too encouraging with a heavy mist, some drops and a low cloud cover. By noon though, the clouds were starting to clear and it was sunny and hot the rest of the day. It turned out to be a great day. By my count, there were around 60 to 70 people there, a little sparse for a FlisKits anniversary, but the weather probably discouraged some from attending (their loss). And we were treated to the attendance of Troop 28 from Hamilton, MA; a great bunch of scouts and scout leaders. They were a lot of fun - and seemed to have a lot of fun! Richard Pelle attended with is water rockets. He had some very good flights and at least one successful chute deployment - very nice. We had 248 flights from MicroMaxx through I, with only a smattering of high power flights. Pictures are in the Gallery.

Of course the highlight was all the activities for the FlisKits anniversary celebration. Jim launched a new kit - Juliet - in honor of his new granddaughter. It is a really neat design, a saucer that can be flown from either side! Jim raffled off one FlisKits kit each hour. A few were won by Troop 28 and one was even one by our illustrious, newly re-elected president, Kenn. (Is there an emoluments clause in the CMASS charter?) The one contest was a FlisKits kit to the rocketeer who launched the most FlisKits during the day. And if anyone bet against Riley Stevens to win that contest, it was a sucker bet. Boris flew one of his saucers and the Toginator - both were great flights. (I love the Toginator!) I flew the FlisKits dooDad with streamers attached to celebrate. There was of course, the Frick-N-Frack drag race. Nine Frick-N-Frack's total. Two did not make it off the pad the first time; but it was still a sight to see 7 Frick-N-Frack's all at once. Jim and I had a drag race with our Streaming UFFO's. I won; Jim's motor CATO'ed. The streamers from mine fell and draped the FlisKits tent, which was pretty neat. Cake - let us not forget the Cake. Not only was it delicious - it was, but a real work of art!uffo drag race 20170918 1696526098

A big thank you to Jim for paying the field fees for the day, the contests and prizes and for the cake! And a big Congratulations again!

Our next launch is a joint launch with RIMRA and CATO in Kingston RI on Oct 14th.